• Fireplace feature using Fluted MDF
    Fluted MDF details
  • 40mm Battened MDF wall panels
    Battened MDF Houseboat wall panelling
  • 1700mm diameter full circle stopends
    Full circle stopends
  • MDF prototypes for curved glazed section
    MDF prototypes
  • Kitchen island using textured MDF
    Ribbed MDF, Houseboat island bench
  • Ribbed MDF for Kitchen Island
    Ribbed MDF, Kitchen Island
  • U shaped plasterboard profiles
    U shaped profiles, crosscut
  • Custom cut 50mm Fluted panels
    Fluted MDF custom panels
  • Wall feature using Ribbed MDF
    Ribbed MDF, Cucina Porto
  • Textured MDF 50mm fluted
    Fluted MDF, Sauna feature walls
  • Fluted MDF feature wall panelling
    Fluted MDF, The Potato Project
  • Fluted MDF feature
    Fluted MDF wall features
  • W shaped plasterboard profiles for a stepped ceiling feature
    W Shaped plasterboard bulkheads
  • Ribbed MDF island bench
    Ribbed MDF, Kitchen Island
  • Wall feature using Ribbed MDF
    Fluted panelling feature
  • Custom textured MDF feature wall
    Custom Textured MDF feature wall
  • Partition ceiling detail for office pods
    Partition ceiling detail
  • Feature wall R-19 Ribbed MDF
    Ribbed MDF feature wall
  • Plasterboard boxes
    Plasterboard Boxes
  • Plywood cut to size
  • MDF Ceiling recess for services
    MDF ceiling recess
  • Rolled edge Alucobond panel
    Rolled edge Alucobond
  • Fluted MDF, Bathroom feature walls
  • Slotted MDF L shapes
    MDF Slotted L shapes
  • Fluted MDF panels used for island bench
    Fluted MDF Island Bench
  • Knife edge profile for LED lighting
    Knife edge profiles
  • Plasterboard profile custom shape
    Custom shaped plasterboard profiles
  • MDF Curved light trough
  • MDF feature Corbel
  • S shaped bulkheads and MDF corners
    Profiles with curved MDF corners, Gledswood Hills Country Club
  • SP-R38 Ribbed MDF Cabinetry
    Ribbed MDF, 'The Gables' Ascot
  • 25mm Fluted MDF paneling - SP-F25
    Fluted MDF, Clever Ain't Wise Boutique
  • 25mm Fluted MDF feature wall
    Fluted MDF, Space Furniture
  • 13mm paper wrapped plasterboard strips
    Plasterboard strips, Gregory Hills
  • Double folded L shaped bulkheads
    Double folded L shape
  • Fluted MDF wall paneling, AMEX lounge
    Fluted MDF panels, AMEX lounge
  • MDF L shapes for curtain pelmets
    MDF L and U shapes for curtain pelmets
  • MDF curves for a circular ceiling feature
    MDF curves for circular ceiling features
  • Angled Z shaped plasterboard profiles
    Angled Z Profiles
  • Custom profiles for curtain pelmet and light trough
    Light trough and curtain pelmet
  • MDF pelmets with slotted edge
    MDF Pelmets
  • L shaped plasterboard bulkheads
    Aquachek Profiles
  • Custom splayed bulkheads painted
    Custom Profiles, Residential
  • U shaped plasterboard profiles
    Coffered ceiling, Plasterboard profiles
  • Curved MDF stopends for bulkhead
    Curved MDF stopends for bulkhead
  • Alpolic cnc machined
    Alpolic notched trowel
  • CNC machined marine ply arches
    Marine Ply Arches
  • MDF, Ceiling feature
  • Fluted, Ribbed and Battened MDF wall panelling
    Textured MDF
  • MDF doors with ventilation cutout
    MDF custom doors
  • CSR Surround, Darling Exchange
  • Scyon matrix panels
    Soffits, Scyon Matrix
  • Customised MDF light trough, integrated diffuser and LED
    MDF, custom light trough
  • Replacement triple step ceiling tile
    Patterned Ceiling Tiles
  • MDF fluting feature wall with light recess
    Fluted MDF with light recess
  • CUstom MDF wall end
    Curved wall ends
  • Wall Nibs
    Wall Nibs
  • Solid timber desktop
    Solid timber desktop
  • MDF lettering
    MDF lettering
  • MDF frame for ceiling feature
    Ceiling feature frame
  • Custom angled profile
    Custom angled plasterboard profile
  • MDF ducted skirting covers
    MDF Ducted skirting covers
  • Plasterboard profiles for ceiling detail
    Plasterboard, Ceiling detail
  • Cut to size specialists | Custom CNC Machining
  • light trough detail
    Light trough detail, MDF
  • CFC window architrave
    Curved window frame, CFC
  • CNC machined Barestone
    Barestone machined with restaurant logo
  • Custom plasterboard profiles
    Custom plasterboard profiles
  • Coloured through MDF
    Coloured through MDF
  • Timber batten detail
    Timber cabinets
  • Tegular edge corner ceiling tiles
    Tegular edged corner ceiling tiles
  • Curved corner ceiling coffer
    Curved corner ceiling coffer
  • custom plasterboard profile
    Custom plasterboard profile
  • Rolled Edge Alucobond Panels
  • MDF panels for ceiling feature
    MDF panels for ceiling feature
  • MDF scalloped detail
    MDF Fluted detail
  • Custom MDF mouldings for balustrade
    MDF mouldings for balustrade
  • MDF bulkheads
    MDF bulkheads
  • Aluminium Composite logo
    Aluminium Composite logo
  • patterned ceiling tiles
    Patterned Ceiling Tile
  • Tegular edge corner ceiling tiles
    Corner tiles
  • Troldtekt acoustic panels
  • Butt joint boards
    Butt Joint Boards
  • Fluted MDF
  • Shaft wall plasterboard profiles
    Shaft Wall Plasterboard Profiles
  • Custom ceiling coffer detail
  • MDF Recessed light troughs
  • Gyprock recessed light box
    CSR EC08 Complete Gyprock, Light boxes
  • Alcadex, Cut to size
  • MDF recess ceiling units
    MDF, Recessed ceiling units
  • MDF blade detail
    MDF blade detail
  • MDF templates for structural steel lift wells
    MDF, template for structural steel
  • MDF cutouts
    MDF, Ceiling recesses
  • Personalised MDF sign
    MDF, Personalised sign
  • MDF curved bulkhead frame
    MDF, curved bulkhead frame
  • Enclosed end plasterboard bulkheads
    Plasterboard, enclosed end profiles
  • Decorative acoustic ceiling panels
    MDF, decorative acoustic ceiling panels
  • MDF curved ceiling coffer
    MDF, curved ceiling coffer
  • Compressed Fibre cement
    CFC, Curved window frame
  • 9mm Barestone cnc machined
    BareStone, Restaurant logo
  • CNC machined finger jointed pine
    Finger jointed pine fluting
  • MDF ribs framed and set
    MDF frame ribs, Aqua S
  • MDF U shapes & boxes
  • MDF cut to size
    MDF framework, floating shelves
  • Plywood spools
    Plywood spool
  • Cut to size plywood & villaboard
    Plywood & Villaboard table bases
  • Ribbed MDF panels
    MDF ribbed doors, Arc Agency
  • Double folded plasterboard bulkheads
    Custom ceiling coffer detail
  • Angled plasterboard bulkhead
    Custom bulkhead detail
  • Decorative wall screens
    Decorative Wall Screens
  • Acoustic slotted panel
    Acoustic Panel, Common Ground
  • Acoustic Panelling
  • MDF light pelmet detail
    MDF Pelmets
  • Alpolic travelator cladding
    Alpolic, Travelator cladding
  • Alpolic cladding
    Alpolic, Top Ryde City
  • Alpolic external cladding
    Alpolic, Charlestown Square
  • MDF cut to size
    Replicate glazing bar windows
  • Custom designed barge boards
  • Folded Alucobond
    Ceiling & Wall features, Christian Louboutin
  • CNC machined MDF
    MDF shoe stands
  • CNC machined plywood
    Plywood, Bulk serving trays
  • MDF upstanding desk
    MDF, Upstanding desk
  • CNC routed fibre cement
    Fibre Cement, James Hardie logo
  • solid timber cnc routed
    Timber, Compressed napkin holder
  • MDF custom made toy box
    MDF Toy Box
  • Aluminium Composite decorative cladding
    ACP Decorative wall cladding
  • Roulette Wheel
  • Alpolic nespresso pod holder
    Nespresso pod holder
  • CNC machined MDF
    MDF Rocking Horse
  • CNC machined black MDF
    Industrie logo prototype
  • CNC machined MDF ceiling recesses
    MDF ceiling recesses, Barangaroo
  • MDF column framework
    MDF columns, Calvary Hospital
  • Cut to size MDF ceiling feature
    MDF ceiling feature, CHP RSL
  • CNC machined melamine
    Melamine Vanity Units
  • MDF cut to size
    MDF, Giant fidget spinner
  • CNC machined MDF curves
    MDF Curves, Swiss RE
  • S shape plasterboard bulkheads
    Plasterboard Bulkheads, Green Hill
  • Plasterboard Profiles, Dural Residence
  • Prefinished plasterboard bulkheads
    Plasterboard Profiles, Narellan
  • Internal splayed plasterboard profiles
    Plasterboard Profiles, Crossroads Hotel
  • CNC machined MDF ceiling feature
    MDF, Custom ceiling feature
  • MDF curved bulkhead sections
    MDF curves & Plasterboard, AJ Gallagher
  • Plasterboard light trough bulkhead
    Plasterboard Profiles, David Jones
  • Plasterboard bulkheads for skylight
    Profiles, DFO Homebush
  • Plasterboard ceiling bulkheads
    Plasterboard, Canberra Qantas Lounge
  • Light trough ceiling feature
    Ceiling features, Charlestown Square
  • Ceiling bulkheads
    Profiles, Stocklands Shellharbour
  • Firerated plasterboard
    Fire Rated Plasterboard Profiles
  • Z shape plasterboard bulkheads
    Plasterboard Profiles
  • Aluminium Composite facade
    Profiles & Alucobond, Ingleburn Village
  • Alpolic facade
    Alpolic, Coles Willowdale
  • Fibre cement cut to size
    Compressed Fibre Cement, Minto Marketplace
  • Alucobond facade
    Alucobond, Lingard Private Hospital
  • ALucobond, cassette fixing method
    Alucobond, Liverpool Catholic Club
  • Vitrabond, Little Saigon Plaza
  • vitrabond cladding
    Vitrabond, Gungahlin Library
  • Alucobond, 580 George St
    Alucobond, 580 George St
  • Alpolic building facade
    Alpolic, Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • Prodema slotted panel
    Prodema, UWS Rydalmere
  • Compressed Fibre Cement flooring
    Compressed Fibre Cement, Universal Music
  • CNC machined HardieTex air grilles
    Fibre Cement, UTS Faculty of Engineering
  • Aluminium Composite Panel cladding
    Aluminium Composite, Chatswood Metro
  • Alucobond garage door panels
    Alucobond, Garage doors
  • Aluminium Composite facade
    Aluminium Composite Panel, Transgrid HQ
  • Alucobond facade
    Alucobond, GP Super Clinic
  • Alpolic panels building facade
    Alpolic, 177 Pacific Highway
  • Alucobond Facade Eyebrows
    Alucobond, Facade Eyebrows
  • Alucobond shop front
    Alucobond, Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Barangaroo Trespa Awning
    Trespa, Barangaroo Awnings
  • Alucobond facade, Warringah
    Alucobond, Warringah Medical Centre
  • Alucobond Metallic panels
    Alucobond, 200 George St
  • Light holes cut into Aluminium RHS
    Aluminium Composite Panel, Wynyard Stn
  • Sheeted plywood subframe
    Plywood, Bondi Penthouses
  • Plywood ceiling feature
    Plywood, Canberra Centre
  • MDF window boxes
    MDF window boxes, UTS
  • MDF wall cladding
    Battened MDF Wall Cladding
  • Diabond inlaid into black MDF
    MDF, Industrie Logo
  • L shape plasterboard profiles
    Profiles & MDF, Stocklands Shellharbour
  • Pigeon Shed formwork lettering
    MDF & Plywood, Pigeon Shed
  • Perforated acoustic panel WPC cladding
    Acoustic Panel, Toongabbie Baptist Church
  • marine plywood ellipse & stair void
    Plywood, Double Bay Library
  • Seasoned oak lamiwood MDF
    Acoustic Panel, UTS
  • CNC machined components
    MDF, Easts Leagues Bondi
  • MDF, Triangular Display
  • MDF framework light trough
    MDF, The Athlete's Foot
  • CNC machined MDF components
    MDF Light Boxes, Canberra
  • MDF tray panels
    MDF Tray Panels, Macquarie Centre
  • CNC machined MDF fins
    MDF Fins, Macquarie Centre
  • David Jones, MDF frames lined in plasterboard
  • curved MDF paper face
    Light troughs, 161 Sussex St
  • Profiles, Narellan Town Centre
  • Plasterboard boxes, Narellan Town Centre
  • MDF Feature Ceiling, Clovelly
  • 30 degree knife edge profile
    30 degree knife edge profile
  • Top Hat plasterboard prefolds
    Plasterboard Profiles, Forever 21
  • Alucobond, Harley Davidson Logo
  • Snooze Curved Bulkheads, MDF