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Fluted MDF | Ribbed MDF | Battened MDF

**FLEX board for CURVES now available**

All of our patterns are now available with minimal backing allowing them to easily FLEX to create your curved features.
FLEX board completes our range so you can have the same consistent pattern using 25mm board for cupboard doors and drawers; 18mm board for walls, islands, counters and now FLEX for curves.
FLEX is available in 2400x1200mm sheet size, with the pattern running along or across the sheet.

Download the Installation & Best Practice Guide here. Call us on (02) 9605 3333 for more information.

Curved textured MDF wall panels


Textured MDF wall panelling adds an eye-catching decorative feature to your interiors. Cabinet grade, designed for joiners.
Use full panels and you’ll have minimal or no joins in your designs. Clad kitchen islands in one piece.
Install as full 2400mm x 1200mm or 3600mm x 1200mm sheets (18mm thick) to speed up your fitouts. Use 25mm thick to continue the look on kitchen doors and drawers.

Freight Australia wide.


Fluted MDF. 25mm, 50mm, 70mm flutes

Fluted MDF
SP-F25 – 25mm wide flute
SP-F50 – 50mm wide flute
SP-F70 – 70mm wide flute

Ribbed MDF panels - 12mm, 19mm, 38mm ribs Ribbed MDF
SP-R12 – 12mm wide ribs
SP-R19 – 19mm wide ribs
SP-R38 – 38mm wide ribs
Battened MDF. 20mm, 40mm, 60mm wide battens

Battened MDF
SP-B20 – 20mm batten with 10mm groove
SP-B40 – 40mm batten with 10mm groove
SP-B60 – 60mm batten with 10mm groove

Custom designs and patterns are available on request. If you have a particular design in mind please email or call us on (02) 9605 3333 to discuss.

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