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Preformed Plasterboard bulkheads speed up your fitout, eliminate the need for external angles and ensure clean sharp corners.

Scandinavian Profiles started as commercial plasterboard contractors “Scandinavian Interior Linings” in the late 70’s.

We started to produce Profiles for ourselves to speed up our own fitouts in the mid 80’s.

“Scandinavian Preformed Plasterboard Profiles” was the first company in Australia to produce Plasterboard Profiles to sell in the fitout industry in 1989.

And in 1992 our Plasterboard Profile and Wall Nib Systems were approved by both Australian Plasterboard manufacturers Boral Plasterboard & CSR Gyprock.

Scandinavian now makes profiles in: Plasterboard, Fibre Cement, Fibrerock, MDF, Plywood & Aluminium Composite (Alucobond & Alpolic).

Preformed plasterboard profiles

Processing All Types Of Plasterboard

  • Standard 10-13mm
  • Span 10mm
  • Aqua 10-13mm
  • Sound 10-13mm
  • Fire 13-16mm
  • Impact 13-16mm
  • Quad Shield 13mm
  • Perforated 13mm

All Shapes & Angles

  • L Shape
  • U Shape
  • Z Shape
  • W Shape
  • Triple Step
  • Quad Step
  • Top Hats
  • Light Trough
  • Vented Trough
  • Shadow line
  • Any Angles
  • Any Shape

We Can Also Provide

  • Recessed Edges & Ends
  • Paper Wrapped Edge
  • Perforated Profiles
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Closed In Ends
  • Profiles Up To 6 Meters Long

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Latest Work

  • U shaped plasterboard profiles
    Coffered ceiling, Plasterboard profiles
  • MDF corner with S shaped profile
    Profiles with curved MDF corners
  • Alpolic cnc machined
    Alpolic notched trowel
  • Textured MDF wall cladding
    Textured MDF
  • CSR Surround, Darling Exchange
  • Wall Nibs
    Wall Nibs