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Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles are a high quality ceiling solution found in most commercial buildings.

Generally you will see them in the basic lay-in or concealed form due to the specialty tiles no longer being available from the manufacturers – that’s where we come in!

For over 25 years we’ve been supplying and remanufacturing ceiling tiles for the Australian market. We can match or recreate almost any tile using custom edge detailing, face machining and repainting.

We work closely with Renhurst, USG Boral, Armstrong, CSR Ceilector, Ceilings by Design and Grayking Interior Supply; so don’t hesitate to call and discuss your needs.

Ceiling Tile examples:

Customised patterns
Tegular light tiles
Imperial tiles
Concealed tiles

Edge types:

Square Cut
Micro look
Triple Step

Face Machining:

Striped tiles
Second look
Hi Style
Shiplap ceiling tile edge detail
K2C2 ceiling tile edge detail
Square cut ceiling tile edge detail
Angled tegular ceiling tile edge detail
Beveled tegular ceiling tile edge detail
Triple step ceiling tile edge

For more details on ceiling tile edge types, patterns or how to order, download these forms.

Edge Types & PatternsTile Order Form

Featured Projects

  • Replacement triple step ceiling tile
    Patterned Ceiling Tiles
  • Tegular edge corner ceiling tiles
    Tegular edged corner ceiling tiles
  • patterned ceiling tiles
    Patterned Ceiling Tile
  • Tegular edge corner ceiling tiles
    Corner tiles
  • Troldtekt acoustic panels
  • Decorative acoustic ceiling panels
    MDF, decorative acoustic ceiling panels

Patterned Ceiling Tiles

Continuous pattern ceiling tiles
Patterned ceiling tiles
Patterned ceiling tiles square

Patterned ceiling tiles are very popular overseas but have not been introduced to Australia as suppliers have to order large quantities.

We have the ability to machine almost any design into ceiling tiles to create:

  • Continuous pattern
  • Random patterns
  • Feature tiles.

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Latest Work

  • Custom textured MDF feature wall
    Custom Textured MDF feature wall
  • Partition ceiling detail for office pods
    Partition ceiling detail
  • Feature wall R-19 Ribbed MDF
    Ribbed MDF feature wall
  • Plasterboard boxes
    Plasterboard Boxes
  • Plywood cut to size
  • MDF Ceiling recess for services
    MDF ceiling recess