Internal angled plasterboard profiles

Project: The Crossroads Hotel, Casula
Material: Plasterboard Profiles
Fabrication Method: Internal splayed profiles 2700 x 900, recessed both sides.
L Shapes 800 x 200.

This is a vast, angled ceiling so it was important that the angle internals were straight and sharp with no imperfections or wandering lines. The internal splays we fabricated meant the corners were exact, consistent and significantly reduced the installation time.
L shapes were also used around the bottom of the vaulted ceiling and above the kitchen.

Contractor: Daj Projects

“The splayed cathedral ceilings at the Crossroads Hotel were programmed to take 6 men 3 weeks to complete. Instead, with the help of Scandinavian Profiles,
they were done in a third of the time with only half the labour. Saving us lots of time and money and producing a far superior finish.”
Daj Projects