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Building facades have long been a part of our services; and since our custom built, state of the art CNC arrived in 2012 we can now machine the largest sheets available.

We provide a complete fabrication service for Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) for either Cassette or Flat stick method ready for installation on site.

We also provide expert precision cutting and customising of Fibre Cement and Compressed Fibre Cement (FC & CFC) plus profiles for pre-finished corners.

Here is just a sample of what we can do with various exterior products:

Aluminium Composite Panel
(Alucobond, Alpolic)
Cut to size
Rolled edge (Flat stick method)
Aluminium angle & bracing (Cassette fixing method)
Drill fixing holes
Fibre Cement & Compressed
Cut to size
Shape cutting
Face grooving
L shape profiles
U shape profiles
Drill & countersink fixing holes
Prodema, Trespa & Swiss Pearl
Cut to size
Shape cutting
Face grooving
Drill fixing holes
Exterior Plywood & PVC Board
Cut to size
Shape cutting
Face grooving
L shape profiles
U shape profiles
Drill & countersink fixing holes
Unfolded composite panel
Unfolded Composite
Folded composite panel
Folded composite
Fabricated composite panel
Rolled edge composite panel
Rolled Edge

Featured Projects

  • Rolled edge Alucobond panel
    Rolled edge Alucobond
  • Alpolic cnc machined
    Alpolic notched trowel
  • CSR Surround, Darling Exchange
  • Scyon matrix panels
    Soffits, Scyon Matrix
  • Cut to size specialists | Custom CNC Machining
  • CFC window architrave
    Curved window frame, CFC

“…‘The splayed cathedral ceilings at the Crossroads Hotel were programmed to take 6 men 3 weeks to complete. Instead, with the help of Scandinavian Profiles, they were done in a third of the time with only half the labour. Saving us lots of time and money and producing a far superior finish.

John Assaf – Daj Constructions

“…Scandinavian Profiles is a company we use to help us when we have detailed work that can be built off site. Their technical services have saved us time and money on jobs over the years.

Justin Fahy – ACT Interiors

“…Just want to commend you on a great product. Your custom made bulkheads are just so good.
One of them was made to cover a beam above a door and despite the garage door repeatedly going up and down every day for 6 years it has not moved or warped at all.”

Penrith Rubber Stamps

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Latest Work

  • Custom textured MDF feature wall
    Custom Textured MDF feature wall
  • Partition ceiling detail for office pods
    Partition ceiling detail
  • Feature wall R-19 Ribbed MDF
    Ribbed MDF feature wall
  • Plasterboard boxes
    Plasterboard Boxes
  • Plywood cut to size
  • MDF Ceiling recess for services
    MDF ceiling recess