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Plasterboard Profiles – Bulkheads – Prefolds

Plasterboard profiles is where it all began and is our speciality!

Profiles   •   Bulkheads   •   Pre-folds

Whatever you call them the basic idea is to fold plasterboard like folding paper. By grooving the plasterboard we are able to fold and glue it into the desired shape. This process allows us to create simple, as well as intricate ceiling details giving clean crisp lines.

Plasterboard profiles allow high speed installation with high accuracy reducing labour costs and time compared to the traditional method of setting external angles.

Producing sections for:

  • Cornice Profiles
  • Curtain Pelmets
  • Concealed Lighting
  • Column Capping
  • False Ceiling Beams
  • Window Reveals

Processing all types of plasterboard:

  • Standard 10-13mm
  • Span 10mm
  • Aqua 10-13mm
  • Sound 10-13mm
  • Fire 13-16mm
  • Impact 13-16mm

We also provide:

  • Recessed Edges & Ends
  • Square Edge
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Perforated Profiles
  • Closed In Ends
  • Profiles Up To 6 Meters Long



Profile shapes & how to order

Shadowline Strips

Edgebanded shadowline strips

Butt Joint Boards

Plywood Noggins

plywood noggins

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