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Partition Products

Our range of partition products are designed to save you time on site while maintaining clean, professional and long lasting finishes.

Shadowline strips - partition products

Edge banded shadowline strips
Used in conjunction with stopends to create a finish for the tops of partitions or around door jams.
By edge banding these strips (as opposed to painting) you’ll have a cleaner finish with no marking or scratching and excess plaster can be easily removed.


Stopends - partition products

Straight stopends up to 260mm!
We fabricate straight MDF stopends to order.
Straight stopends are used for door and window openings, ends of partitions, half height walls etc.
Available in thicknesses: 16, 18, 25, 32mm. Any radius, any width, any angle.


Curved Stop EndsCurved Stopends
We fabricate curved MDF stopends to order.
Curved stopends (used in conjunction with straight) create curved walls, bulkheads & architectural details. CNC machined to plans as required.
Available in thicknesses: 16, 18, 25, 32mm. Any radius, any width, any angle.


Noggin in stud - partition products
Plywood Noggins

Providing strength for steel stud walls, plywood noggins have a 5mm groove on one side to sit behind the lip of the stud allowing it to finish flush with the frame.
Commonly used in hospitals and bathrooms, they provide fixings for handrails, dryers, tvs etc.


Wall nibsWall Nibs
A U shaped, pre-fabricated plasterboard section eliminating the need to set external angles or stopends, they allow skirting and trim to fit snug around the nib as there isn’t a build up from setting. Wall Nibs are pre-finished and have a timber insert for fixing door and glass sections.
Applications include creating door and window openings; starting partitions against glass; nibs and half-height walls; temporary barrier walls (eg. lift lobbies).


32mm MDF Door blanks are also available cut to size, along with viewing panels and air grills.

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